Information technology, and in particular mass data processing and artificial intelligence, are sources of both new opportunities and challenges for organizations and societies. It is important to train young people to understand the challenges of this digital transformation of society, and to master the tools to put them to work for a more sustainable world.

ESSEC Business School & CentraleSupélec have joined forces to create an international post-baccalaureate program in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Sciences, which aims to educate young people in data analysis, artificial intelligence and management techniques. The program will lead to a diploma awarded jointly by the two institutions. 

Building on their experience and the success of their joint program, the Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics (ranked number 1 in Europe and number 3 in the world on average over the last five years, behind the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California, Los Angeles, according to the QS Best Master in Business Analytics Worldwide Ranking), ESSEC and CentraleSupélec are partnering again to launch a new hybrid and innovative program, the Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Science.

The program is taught full-time in English and combines a solid foundation in general management with an in-depth knowledge of the scientific models and methods of mathematical modeling, data analysis and artificial intelligence. The program lasts 4 years (240 ECTS), draws on the teaching resources and pedagogical expertise of the two grandes écoles, is taught in English, and is offered on the campuses of ESSEC (Cergy) and CentraleSupelec (Saclay). 

This program is primarily intended for young French and international high school graduating students. It offers them a proven and renewed teaching method combining academic input, personal and professional experience, and international exposure.

The program is organized into 8 semesters. 

  • The first five semesters are devoted to teaching core subjects in management, economics, mathematics and statistics, computer science, data science and artificial intelligence. 
  • Students are required to complete a three-month internship in a company during the summer at the end of their second year.
  • In semester 6, students go to study at a partner university or school. They have the option to focus their course selection on management, engineering, or a mix of both.
  • In semester 7, students work on a Corporate Research Project, and have a wide choice of elective courses.
  • Semester 8 is devoted to a six-month internship in a company in France or abroad.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have access to the job market in fields ranging from management to technical data analysis. They can also further their knowledge and specialize in a Master's degree in France or abroad.

The program will admit its first cohort in September 2023. Students will be selected based on the excellence of their academic record, a mathematics exam and a personal motivation interview. The size of the first class will be between 40 and 50 students, of which nearly 60% will be international.

"This program trains and equips young people with a robust quantitative background and business intelligence that will enable them to responsibly and sustainably work with organizations and companies in their development and in the transitions they face today," says Hugues Levecq, Executive Director of the Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Science.

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