This initiative, Metalab IDEAS, constitutes a student led “think-tank” on the topics of the Metalab, and their focus is specifically

  • AI, data-driven decision making, and automated business decisions: methodological state of the art and axes of development (including opportunities, challenges and risks), and their perceptions by individuals and companies. This concerns all fields (finance, marketing, HR, auditing, management control, regulation...) as well as business sectors and technologies (including social networks, internet of things, robotics....)
  • How to facilitate this transformation from the perspective of all stakeholders (individuals, employees, companies, NGOs and governments). This includes interpreting and understanding AI recommendations as well as ethical requirements. 
  • Implied transformations on businesses, jobs, democratic practices, citizenship and communities. What cultural or societal impacts do we expect from this revolution and how to anticipate and facilitate the transitions and adjustments. 

The current Editorial Board consists of

Hey! My name is Paul Bédier, I am 25 years old and French. I completed a bachelor in Economics & English, before joining the EDHEC Master in Management and obtaining a MSc in Finance. I worked in different financial firms and private equity funds as an investment analyst. Currently, I am a first-year student in the DSBA program where I’m learning about Data Science. My interests include various things like reading, science, mountain trekking and skiing. I am also curious about other cultures and like learning new languages (currently Japanese, I look to start Chinese soon). Excited to work with all of you!

Hello, I’m Michelle Diaz! I grew up between Ireland and the Philippines, and graduated with a B.A. International Joint Honors in English Literature & Information and Social Computing from University College Dublin, with a year-long academic exchange at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. I’m currently a second year Master in Management student, having spent the first year at the Singaporean campus. My interests are in sustainability, ethical issues in business and technology, and impact ventures. Moreover, in my downtime, I love watching films, tv shows, documentaries & I spend a significant amount of time reading and writing. In another life, I would actually be in graduate school for creative writing.

Hi! I’m Pieter Jan Motmans, 21 years old and born in Antwerp. I have obtained a Bachelor in Business Engineering with a specialization in Management Information Systems from the University of Antwerp. I am currently in the first year of the Master in Data Sciences and Business Analytics. Outside of academics, the activities that I devote most of my time to are basketball and reading.
I look forward to the many enriching discussions we will have about the societal impact of technological advancements!

Hello! I am Kunal Purohit, originally from Udaipur, India. After engineering, I worked in product in two different Tech companies for two years and while pursuing my first year of MIM at ESSEC, I am currently working as Data Analyst Apprentice at a startup in Paris and also participating in Accenture SBA Chair. Reading about new technologies, writing blogs, playing Table-Tennis, listening to podcasts and watching movies are my interests. Fluent in 3 different Indian regional languages and English, I am currently learning French.

Hi, I’m Marina Pellet, I’m French and Hungarian, and I am a student in the DSBA Master's program created by Essec and CentraleSupelec. Before that, I studied in London at UCL and I obtained a bachelor of Management Science with a specialization in Cybercrime. I speak four languages and I have lived in six different countries. I love photography, cinema and reading. Also, I am very keen on sailing and kitesurfing. I am simultaneously excited and concerned about the increasing use of technology by society, so I can’t wait to discover all aspects together! 

Hi, I’m Nelberto “Sam” Quinto and I am a PhD student interested in topics related to the economics of artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of work and education. My fascination with AI stems from my experience working on challenging projects as a data scientist for BNP Paribas for 2 years and interning in tech firms like Amazon and Palico in Luxembourg and Paris.  Meanwhile, I owe my affinity for education from working as a teacher and education program volunteer in my home country in the Philippines. Outside of work and school, I practice martial arts, play more than 10 musical instruments, and love traveling to discover new cuisines and cultures. 

Hi! I’m Neil Romualdez Jr, 23 years old. I’m currently taking the Master in Strategy & Management of International Business under the Managing Digital Transformation & Innovation Track. Prior to this, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I had a short stint in trade reconciliations for hedge funds before I worked on public policy as an economist for the Philippine Ministry of Finance. I am deeply interested in how emerging technologies and our dependence on them can change the way the world interacts and manages its resources. In my downtime, I read books, watch movies, and play musical instruments. 

Hello my name is Rina. I completed my Global BBA at ESSEC through the Singapore-Paris track and graduated in 2020. After that, I spent 2.5 years as a financial analyst at large digital and marketing agencies. This allowed me to have multi-cultural and international experiences, from my upbringing in the Philippines to living abroad, especially in Singapore, Paris, and Barcelona over the past 6.5 years. I am currently a pioneering master student in MSc in Sustainability Transformation 2022–2023 program at ESSEC, Cergy Campus. In the face of the global climate crisis and other challenges, my main interests are at the core of sustainability, social innovation, and making a positive influence in our society. I am especially curious about how technology interacts with green and sustainable growth within the confines of our planetary boundaries. I am thrilled to be part of the editorial team and to learn more!

Hi, I'm Vanshika Sharma. I grew up in New Delhi, India. I completed my Bachelor's in Commerce (Honours) from the University of Delhi. I'm currently an M2 student of Master in Data Sciences and Business Analytics at ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec. Prior to joining this master’s, I worked for two years as an Associate in Quantitative Analytics and Data Science at Gartner, Inc. I have always been intrigued by how transforming data into meaningful insights can lead to better decision-making and innovation. My interests are in exploring upcoming technology, its influence on various industries, and how it can be used to promote sustainability. In my free time, I love binge-watching thriller series, exploring different cities, and discovering their gastronomy (especially various vegan/vegetarian food options).

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